"A business is in a unique and responsible position to effectively enhance the well-being of its employees." Leon Gorman, LL Bean

It's somewhat of a truism that employees do what they do in order to contribute to the success of the companies for which they work. But what is also becoming more commonplace is the notion that employers have an obligation to provide a variety of benefits: everything from retirement and profit sharing plans (which have been around for a long time) to free gym memberships and ping-pong tables (a more recent phenomenon)! Perhaps the single most significant change over the last few years has been the realization that the physical well-being of an employee contributes directly to increased productivity, and that at the same time employees want to feel that their association with their company contributes to their health and fitness.

What this means in practice is that companies are engaging more and more with their employees on a personal level, providing them with health education, gym memberships or fitness facilities, and health, wellness and fitness coaches. At Benefitness Partners we provide corporate fitness professionals to support existing wellness initiatives as well as structuring innovative event-based programs that every employee can participate in.